800-222-6366    To report abononed cars.
800-252-4613    To report abandoned shopping carts.
800-288-7664    To report smog odors, smoke from cars,trucks.
800-988-6942    Hazardous Waste Hotline. To dispose oil,paint.
800-773-2489    Sanitation Hotline: To get rid of mattresses
800-996-2489    Bureau of Street Services.To report illegal dumping,trash in alleys, maintenance of city streets and trees.
888-452-7381    LA Animal Services: To report animal cruelty, barking dogs,dangerous, sick,injured or stray animals.
888-524-2845    Building & Safety: Neighborhood eyesores.
818-374-4688    East Valley Transportation: Traffic signals,red curbs,stop signs. 
818-756-8784    West Walley Transportation: Traffic Signals,red curbs,stop signs

818-623-4016    North Hollywood police Station for non-emergency calls.
818-756-8343    Van Nuys Police Station for non-emergency calls
818-838-9800    Devonshire Police Station for non-emergency calls

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